Tramps can't afford Springsteen tickets


BRITAIN’S tramps are in uproar after being priced out of Bruce Springsteen’s current tour.

Might get some merchandise from skips behind the venue

Might get some merchandise from skips behind the venue

Tickets for Springsteen’s concert at the Olympic Park start at £69.75, well beyond the means of those with no place left to hide.

Tramp Joseph Turner said: “I’d love to have been singing along to the ‘tramps like us’ line in Born to Run at Olympic Park.

“Unfortunately, like most tramps, I don’t have £70 to spend on entertainment. I have to prioritise food and shelter over stadium rock concerts.

“But ‘The Boss’ styles himself as a tramp-friendly performer – he should at least scatter a few thousand free tickets in bushes and hedgerows.”

Turner added: “Springsteen’s gigs typically last over three hours. Even if I did somehow get in, I’d have to leave before 11 to get back before the nearest hostel shuts.

“It’d help if I had a chrome wheeled, fuel injected Mustang but all I’ve got is an Oyster card with no credit that I found on the floor.

“I could run, I suppose, like I was born to, but since a security dog bit my leg all I’ve been able to manage is a shambling limp.”

The rock star has also been accused of excluding broken heroes and lonely riders, most of whom live of Jobseeker’s Allowance of around £60 per week.

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