You can't just steal stuff, claims judge


A HIGH Court judge yesterday claimed that you cannot just go around stealing other people’s property.

A judge has claimed that Iron Man wasn't your idea

Experts said the landmark ruling by Mr Justice Arnold could now make theft illegal.

Ordering British internet providers to block the Pirate Bay file sharing site, the judge ruled that lots of people were just taking things that were not theirs and suggested that they would not like it if someone just took their things.

He added: “You know it’s wrong, so pack it in.”

But Julian Cook, professor of applied theft at Roehampton University, said: “Websites such as the Pirate Bay have such a huge range of content that there’s no way I can possibly know whether I made those films or recorded those songs.

“There are now so many films and songs that, statistically, it’s entirely possible that I own the copyright to at least five of them. Including Iron Man 2 and the latest Biffy Clyro album.

“But I have no problem with you downloading them for free because I’m not some faceless corporation.”

Professor Cook then sat impassively as three men came into his office and took his desk, his coffee machine and his Macbook. He eventually shouted ‘okay, that’s enough’ when they tried to remove his underpants.

Meanwhile, Mr Justice Arnold also ruled that anyone who tells you Pirate Bay is a beacon of freedom is a stupid little child.



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