Duchess of Cambridge to eat an entire moose


THE Duchess of Cambridge will continue her tour of Canada today by devouring a gigantic moose.

The Duchess is said to be looking forward to it enormously

The Duchess and her husband will visit a moose sanctuary and drive-through restaurant in Western Manitoba where she will be invited to eat the magnificent beast with her bare hands.

Royal watchers said it will be a key early test of Kate’s ability to deal with life under the microscope as well as an important indication of the extent to which she enjoys moose.

Denys Finch-Hatton, editor of Royal Meat magazine, said: “In 1952 Britain knew it would be in safe hands after the then Princess Elizabeth ran down a hippopotamus – on foot – and then ate it raw with a spoon. The whole thing took about 20 minutes.

“And of course, before she took up dog fighting, Princess Anne ate a crocodile.

“However, in the 21st Century we cannot expect a princess to wrestle a large herbivore to the ground and strangle it with a belt, but we do need to know how quickly she can wolf down 44 stone of moose meat.”

But the event has been criticised by animal rights campaigners, with the RSPCA questioning whether it is absolutely necessary for her to eat the whole thing.

Meanwhile, the Duchess is expected to wear a red dress with some frilly bits on it, though Royal insiders stressed that for most of the day it will be covered up with a large, rubber bib.

Fashion expert Julian Cook said: “It’s a shame they’ve gone for the bib. You won’t be able to see the curve of her lovely shoulders. I’d have put her in a see-through cagoule or a Gore-Tex smock. ”

The royal couple will have a rest day on Saturday, allowing the Duchess to go to the toilet, before resuming their tour with a visit to a cookery school in Montreal where they will demonstrate some off their favourite love-making techniques.

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