Frost teases apology from God


GOD has apologised to mankind in a dramatic interview with the late Sir David Frost.

Frost also hopes to interview Jesus about his troubled love life

Frost also hopes to interview Jesus about his troubled love life

The deity admitted he had ‘let people down’ by inventing cancer, food packaging and Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones.

Looking intently at God, Sir David leaned forward and said: “At what point did you think Liz Jones would be a good idea?”

God sighed heavily and replied: “I don’t regret inventing Liz Jones, I regret letting her do things.”

God added: “People can forgive the original mistake, what they can’t forgive is allowing Liz Jones to express her thoughts in a national newspaper.

“For that I am deeply sorry.”

The deity agreed to his first interview in 5,000 years to promote a new edition of the Bible designed specially for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Frost made the God interview his top priority as soon as he arrived in the afterlife and is now drawing up plans for a new TV channel that will rewrite the rules of broadcasting for the deceased.

Meanwhile, it is understood a drunken God telephoned the interviewer at three o’clock in the morning and accused him of trying to ‘fuck him over’ before reminding Frost that he outlived Peter Cook by 18 years.

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