‘Ich Bin Nicht Ein Nazi’ Says Philip

PRINCE Philip has denied claims he is a Nazi, insisting his passionate racism is merely a hobby.

'Und vot do you do?'

He said that despite his large collection of flags and uniforms, there was no ideological basis to his bigotry and that it was just something he liked to dabble in at weekends.

The Prince said he was outraged by suggestions that he was a Nazi sympathiser, stressing it was not his fault that he and his family 'had spent so many happy holidays with the Fuhrer, amidst the glorious mountain air of Berchtesgaden'.

Prince Philip, a member of the Argentinian wing of the Danish-German Royal House of Hammer-Cushing-Karloff, is related to most of the crowned heads of Europe, and at least four of their horses.

When they met during the war, the young Princess Elizabeth quickly fell in love with the tall, dashing Zeppelin pilot in his shiny black boots.

The Countess of Barrhead, a contemporary of the couple, said: "Philip was so handsome. In many ways he reminded me of Obergruppenführer Heydrich.

"She was completely smitten and would have done anything for him – even planting a bomb under the Lord Chancellor."

The Prince said last night: "Ich bin nicht ein Nazi. Ich liebe der Juden und der poofenshnabels."

He added: "Ich bin nicht liebe der Chinesenplafs, der Froggenheimers und der Dago-Woppenshnauzers, mit der greasenshlaft und garlickenpoop!"