Jimmy Savile 'presented Jim'll Fix It'


LEGENDARY sexual deviant Jimmy Savile presented a television programme called Jim’ll Fix It, it has emerged.

Who knew?

Britain was reeling last night after a shocking documentary revealed that the grubby child abuser was a popular TV presenter and disc jockey.

Helen Archer from Peterborough said: “I had no idea this horrifying sexual predator was on TV nearly every week for 30 years.

“Surely someone at the BBC must have noticed that?”

Archer said she was also horrified by the revelations that Savile smoked very big cigars.

She added: “I only hope he didn’t smoke them in that mind-bogglingly fucked-up shrine to his mother.”

Roy Hobbs, from Doncaster said: “I suppose if we had looked long enough into those truly terrifying eyes we would have realised that he enjoyed tobacco and was a Radio One DJ.

“Of course he ran all those marathons so he would become an unimpeachable national treasure able to indulge his depraved sexual desires. But that was the Jimmy Savile we all knew and were totally weirded-out by.”

He added: “In a way I’m not surprised to hear that he presented Jim’ll Fix It and smoked cigars, though to be honest, I was expecting something much, much worse.

“Possibly involving an attic. Or a dungeon.”



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