Number Of BBC Presenters In Jail Reaches Five Year High

THE number of BBC presenters in prison has reached a five-year high after Radio 1 DJ Groovewhittler was jailed for a second offence of dog frottage. 

'Composer of the Week' delivered a regular dose of crystal meth and Brahms

Mr Whittler, 37, had dressed his pet Bedlington terrier Bessy in Agent Provocateur and was rubbing himself against her when he was surprised by his Filipino cleaner Agnes.

His claim, that he and Bessy were practising a 'Heelwork to Music' routine for Crufts next month was, dismissed by the judge, who pointed to a list of previous convictions for lingerie-related dog abuse.

Mark Thompson, BBC director general, said: “Why would I be hanging around a public convenience at that time of night in that part of London? I’m a married man with my own washroom at Broadcasting House.”

Also currently behind bars are children’s television presenter Wayne Hayes, serving ten years for fiddling, and Radio 2 drivetime host Roy Hobbs, on remand awaiting trial for freaky sex.

It is the BBC's highest prison quota since a gang of Radio 3 producers were jailed for turning the Composer of the Week studio into a crystal meth lab.

There was some good news for the corporation last week after Bill McKay, co-host of Wheelchairs on Ice, was acquitted of bludgeoning his gay lover to death with a prosthetic knee.