Capacity for beer still main source of pride


MOST Britons consider drinking a lot of beer to be their greatest achievement.

Don't give up, keep putting it in your mouth

Don’t give up, keep putting it in your mouth

As it emerged that 9,000 people in the UK die of drink every year, doctors warned against equating self-worth with how much beer you can swallow in one session.

Doctor Julian Cook said: “There are lots of goals in life outside of drinking benders. Marriage, parenthood, career or maybe writing a detailed political autobiography.

“However I’m not saying that because I’m some sort of lightweight.

“I had 24 pints at a rugby club dinner. You might think I’d have lost count after the first dozen or so, but I didn’t.

“However this is very dangerous and as a medical professional I would advise strongly against it. Especially if you’re a lightweight – which I patently am not.”

34-year-old Roy Hobbs said: “I would say my proudest moment was the birth of my son, Stanley.

“Actually no, thinking about it, it’s the time I drank 26 pints and nine shots during a 36-hour sauce fest in Mykonos.

“I’m only an ordinary guy with an ordinary life, but that day I was a hero.”

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