Dubai Plans Skyscraper Made Of Fanta

THE oil-rich state of Dubai has unveiled plans for a daring new skyscraper constructed entirely of Fanta.

An aritist's impression of Dubai's new Fanta District

The mile-high building will include 150,000 luxury apartments, 127 five-star hotels and 16 million gallons of the fizzy orange drink.

It will be designed by the German architect Jules Berghoff, who specialises in working with soft drinks and last year completed an office block in Bahrain based on the original Soda Stream machine.

Berghoff said: "Dubai is a very now, tomorrow kind of place. There are no yesterdays here.

"That means using lots of very tomorrow materials, and what could be more tomorrow than a building made of Fanta?

"The Fanta will form the walls and floors, but we will be able to pour the entire structure into a bottle in the event of high winds."

Dubai is at the cutting edge of international architecture and has already outlined plans for the world's first walking skyscraper.

The 20,000ft tall building will be able to move freely around the city, peering in the windows of other skyscrapers or posing for tourists next to their hotel.

If temperatures rise above 37 degrees centigrade the building will go and sit in the sea for half an hour, before having a nap under the world's most gigantic palm tree.