Man with big holes in his ears desperate for your approval

A MAN who has made large holes in his ears is absolutely desperate for your approval.

Website designer Nathan Muir said: “I put huge fuck off holes in my ears to look cool. And by look cool I mean, look cool to you.

“Because, as any radical punk knows, it’s the opinions of strangers that matter.”

Fellow ear tunnel owner Julian Cook said: If you’d have asked me when I was a kid if I wanted huge holes in my ears so big that you could put your fist through them, I’d have said, ‘No. That’s stupid.’

“But here I am, a grown man and I think it looks great. Well, I do if you do.

“I’m thinking about getting a tattoo on my face at some point too, because that’s apparently no longer the distinguishing mark of a psychopath. Would you like that?”