Mumsnet into filth

TERRIFYING online collective Mumsnet has revealed a predilection for high-grade online filth.

'Oh yes, that's it...'

The community website, which can bring down a rhino at 40 paces, has abandoned its support for online pornography filters after having a look at some of it.

Biting her bottom lip, a spokeswoman said: “Oh my. And they’ve only just met. Look at the size of his whatsit!

“Oh my.”

Bookmarking a variety things for later, she added: “We have decided that filters would be a form of censorship or something.

“Ultimately it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children do not look at pornography by making sure that favourite sites are bookmarked with really boring labels like ‘car insurance’ or ‘Amnesty International’.”

Since discovering online pornography the discussion threads on Mumsnet have veered from traditional subjects such as teething and clever things to do with carrots to sticky threesomes and clever things to do with carrots.

Meanwhile thousands of members have even logged in to Dadsnet in a bid to source the hottest mum-on-mum action live from Rotterdam.

Mumsnet obersturmbahnfuhrer, Jane Thompson, said: “If I put a filter on my doo-da I’ll never get it off again.

“That said I suppose I could always get a man to come round, just like the heroine of Dongle IV: Stick it In.”