Won’t somebody think of the licence payers? plead abuse victims

CHILD abuse survivors have urged the public to not to forget BBC licence fee payers.

Will watching ‘the dancing’ ever be the same agin?

Roy Hobbs, who was systematically abused at a care home, expressed concern that media attention was being focused on victims like him, with too little emphasis on the need for better communication between BBC managerial tiers.

Hobbs said: “We are forgetting that we are dealing with a tragedy of human resources that stretches from one end of the BBC to the other. It’s affected millions of viewing experiences.

“If only everyone at the corporation knew who their line manager was and they had weekly structured feedback sessions.

“It’s easy to lose perspective though. I’ve been so engrossed by this whole BBC thing that I actually forgot I was abused.”

Social worker Carolyn Ryan said: “At this stage, it’s hard to tell what damage could have been done to BBC license payers.

“It’s not impossible that their enjoyment of Strictly could be forever tainted.

“Boris Johnson was right – The News Of The World never did anything this bad. In fact, it’s notable that the News Of The World has been blameless throughout this entire affair.

“We should do away with the BBC and bring back the News Of The World, by public subscription.”