Brown Still Sending Blair Abusive Emails

GORDON Brown is in regular contact with his predecessor Tony Blair through a relentless stream of angry, foul-mouthed emails.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said Mr Blair's 10 years in power meant Mr Brown would always look to him as a source of raw hatred.

One email from July 14 reads: "Saw you on the telly today. You look like a twat. Correct that –  you look like twat who's gained weight.

"Where did you leave the spare ink cartridges, you total arse?"

A week later Brown writes: "As you may or may not have noticed the country is under water. I blame you and your ghastly wife for this.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she summoned up some kind of voodoo rain curse to try and make me look stupid. Well, it hasn't worked and everyone thinks I'm great, so shove it up your bumshaft."

Brown also wrote to Blair earlier this week after his first summit with President Bush: "George said he liked me more than you. Thought you were a bit 'churchy', even for him.

"I said you were like some weirdo Jehova's Witness who wouldn't take the hint and we laughed and laughed. Shit off."

Professor Bill McKay, of Glasgow Clyde University, said: "Gordon Brown's poll ratings are not only a boost for the Labour Party but will allow him to taunt Tony Blair with unbridled enthusiasm."