Neil Lennon attacked by geese

CELTIC manager Neil Lennon was recovering last night after a frenzied goose attack.

Lennon has also received a parcel bomb from a duck

Lennon was visiting the Scottish Wet Fowl Centre in Bathgate when six large female geese ambushed him from behind a wheely bin.

The gaggle then cornered Lennon outside the Granary Café where they swore at him several times in Goose before pulling him to the ground.

Park warden Bill McKay said the attack was ‘totally unprovoked’ adding: “It couldn’t have been sectarian or football related. These geese are Canadian humanists and are mostly interested in ice hockey.”

Lennon suffered multiple goose bites to the face and body and also burned himself when he dropped his cup of blackcurrant tea after a goose kicked him in the back.

Eyewitness Helen Archer said: “He managed to break free and sprinted towards the car park but then tripped over one of those low hanging bollard chains and knocked himself out on the bonnet of a Saab.

“I went over to see if he was alright but before I knew it I was raining angry blows down on his unconscious head as my two children cheered me on.

“I’m a grade three Wiccan so I’m not into this whole Catholic-Protestant thing. There’s just something about his face.”

The six geese were identified using CCTV footage but are too young to stand trial. Officials say it is likely their visas will be revoked and they will ordered back to Canada on Monday.