Family worried how grandad will manage without hard Brexit

A PENSIONER will have nothing to occupy his twilight years if the hard Brexit that fills his days is taken away from him, say his worried relatives. 

78-year-old Roy Hobbs’ family fear that without Brexit to fill his days with impotent rage he will have nothing to live for.

Daughter Carol Hobbs said: “Dad’s up with the larks every day to retweet far-right messages and shout ‘Treason!’ at BBC Breakfast. It’s given him a new lease of life.

“I’m worried about what he’ll do if we slide into a soft, reasonable Brexit. You hear these terrible stories about old folk just wasting away, so I’m praying Britain doesn’t come to its senses.

“I’d prefer not to ruin the economy but I’ve got to think of what’s right for Dad, and right now that’s obsessively posting deeply libellous claims that Philip Hammond is a ‘nonce’ and calling for his head on a spike.

“Old people can become socially isolated, but Dad’s made loads of new friends on the Spectator website. They’re on there cackling about a military takeover of the government like hens in a henhouse.”

Carol added: “Do they do Brexit care homes? I suppose they probably all are.”