48-year-old stops ageing entirely by pursuing women in their 20s

A MAN who would otherwise be quite old has stopped the ageing process in its tracks by only pursuing much younger women.

Man who thinks he's sexually adventurous about to be proved wrong by finger

A MAN who considers himself to be ‘open to anything’ in the bedroom is shortly to be disabused of that notion by his girlfriend’s finger.

Unhappy couples brace as 'too close to Christmas' break-up deadline approaches

INCOMPATIBLE couples across the UK are feeling the pressure as the window of opportunity to break up before Christmas closes. 

Woman who wanted boyfriend to express his feelings wishing he would stop now

A WOMAN who encouraged her boyfriend to talk about his feelings wishes he would stop now as she is trying to watch EastEnders, it has emerged.

Woman's friends fail to keep promise to kill her boyfriend with a shovel if he cheated

A WOMAN is outraged that her friends did not beat her cheating boyfriend to death with a shovel, despite having clearly promised to do so. 

Man feeling suffocated by expectation of liking and taking an interest in girlfriend

A BOYFRIEND feels utterly smothered by having to be nice to his partner and spend some of his spare time with her.

Nigel Farage, and other twats single people can't believe are getting a shag

NIGEL Farage is in a relationship with right-wing French activist Laure Ferrari, so how come you’re single but twats all have partners? Here are some that prove there’s no justice in life.

We don't have a favourite child but we do have a least favourite, admit parents

PARENTS across the United Kingdom have confirmed that, while picking a favourite child might be impossible, choosing their least favourite is easy.

'Chance of a shag' vs 'I hope he's romantic': First date aspirations by gender

GOING on a first date? Here's what you'll be hoping to get out of it depending on your sex.

Women discussing their bisexuality online definitely not doing it for the male followers

ATTRACTIVE young women who describe their bisexual desires on social media are in no way attempting to attract salivating male followers, they have confirmed.