Man divides his age by two, adds seven, ignores result

A MAN debating whether to date a younger woman has done the necessary calculations then asked her out anyway.

Talk dirty about the Corn Laws: How to have a Regency period sex life like in Bridgerton

BRITONS love the sex in period dramas, particularly the frantic shagging in Bridgerton, set in the Regency era. Here's how to recreate the years 1811-1820 in your own bedroom.

Not being a total f**king moron, and six other ways to avoid falling for a romance scammer

HAS 26-year-old Natalia slid into your DMs again? Horny for you, is she? Horny in a keeps-needing-money way? These rules will keep your bank account as untouched as your genitalia.

Incel wondering if being even more self-pitying will get him laid

AN ‘involuntary celibate’ is wondering if women would find him attractive if he was even more of a morose loser.

Girlfriends keen to break snuggling-sex connection

GIRLFRIENDS have once again confirmed their desire to snuggle is unrelated to any desire to be penetrated with a penis.

Inconsiderate boyfriend's sincere apology sucks fun out of girlfriend's rage

A GENUINE apology from a woman's boyfriend has stripped all the joy from her righteous indignation.

Experts confirm best way to work through relationship problems is to ignore them

COUNSELLORS have advised couples suffering issues in their relationships that if they ignore them completely they eventually go away.

Girlfriend marks territory by leaving hair bobbles around boyfriend's flat

A MAN'S new girlfriend is asserting her presences and scaring away rivals by leaving hair ties in every room of his home.

Man living in fear his mates will discover his girlfriend's TikTok

A MAN is concerned that friends will find his girlfriend’s TikTok account containing lip-sync videos, unfunny reels, and dances she is unaware teenage boys are wanking to.

The middle-aged person's guide to losing friends

IS your life cluttered with friends you’d prefer didn’t exist? Or require a minor effort to occasionally meet? Learn how to lose them like a middle-aged pro.