Really quite worrying couple now married

A COUPLE whose arguments and infidelities have horrified and fascinated everyone around them for years are now married.

Gen Z couple hires intimacy co-ordinator

A GEN Z couple has taken the first step toward consummating their relationship by hiring an intimacy co-ordinator.

Gen Z dating trends developed to ensure anyone older stays well away

FINDING true love is tricky at the best of times, so the last thing you need is trendy dating bullshit to deal with too. That’s why these things are so effective at deterring geriatric oldsters over 25.

Mum advises son's girlfriend she could do a lot better

THE mother of a 23-year-old is worried that his wonderful new girlfriend is punching well below her weight. 

Man who invited date over for dinner has to buy cutlery

A MAN who invited a woman to his place for dinner is grimly buying an entire set of cutlery to supplement the perfectly good knife, fork and spoon he already has.

Date night cruel parody of love there once was

A MARRIED couple have regular monthly date nights as a painful reminder they once loved each other enough to enjoy them.

Five necessary precautions to take before making a sex tape

THINKING of filming an act of intimate and incriminating love with a partner? Take these precautions before saying ‘action’.

Sexting actually very stressful

SENDING sexually explicit messages to arouse a partner is actually confusing, stressful and easily ruined by autocorrect, lovers have confirmed.

Only shared interest that matters is shagging, couples confirm

THE only thing couples need to have in common is the desire to have sex with one another, it has been confirmed.

Man whose wife playfully squeezed his belly makes mistake of reciprocating

AFTER his increasingly wobbly waistline was genially pinched by his partner, a man has made the fatal error of doing the same back to her.