How to tell if the man driving your black cab is former Conservative deputy chairman Lee Anderson

JUMPED into a black cab at Paddington? Concerned the ill-informed right-wing rhetoric from the driver seems familiar? Use our checklist.

Kemi Badenoch, and other hyped politicians who instantly turned out to be shit

EVERY so often an MP comes along who the media decides is wonderful in every way and a future PM. Then, under the slightest scrutiny, they turn out to be rubbish. Here are just a few.

MPs under 30 'deeply weird'

ANYONE who enters politics when still in their 20s is strange, disturbed and should be stopped, voters have agreed.

Write a caption and win a Mash mug

CAPTION the above image of Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak, and the funniest wins a Daily Mash mug.

We ask you: with inflation only four per cent, can anything stop a Conservative election landslide?

WITH inflation remaining at four per cent, just double the target, for the second month running have the Tories got the next election in the bag?

How to not know Israel even exists: A guide for Labour party candidates

STANDING for election for Labour? Could you trash your party’s chances by opening your mouth and letting Zionist conspiracy theories flow out? Forget the the country even exists.