Lee Anderson regretting defection to Reform after hearing Tory donor comments

MP Lee Anderson is regretting leaving the Conservative party after hearing comments by top donor Frank Hester, it has emerged.

'Slightly less shit than the pricks after her': A nation pays tribute to Theresa May

THE people of Britain have paid their respects to an ex-prime minister who was still utterly awful but marginally less crap than her successors.

Tories enter final phase of existence as they f**k over pensioners

THE Conservative Party has signalled it is entering the final stages of its 200-year existence by f**king over the last people in Britain who support it.

Why we should ban over-60s from social media, by the baroness who thought an octopus was Hitler

THE government recently argued that under-16s should be banned from social media, but it's old people like me who've been stupidly claiming an octopus mascot on University Challenge was antisemitic.

Don't spend your 2p all at once, winks Hunt

JEREMY Hunt has playfully tousled your hair and warmly told you not to spend all your 2p savings at once.

Would it help if we told you to stick your pathetic 2p National Insurance cut up your f**king arse? public asks Hunt

BRITAIN has suggested to a wavering Jeremy Hunt that he could always save £9 billion by sticking his insulting tax cut up his own fundament.

We ask you: is £370 million for the government's Rwanda policy a bargain or an absolute steal?

THE National Audit Office has revealed the government’s program to relocate migrants to Rwanda will cost £370 million. At that price, are we ripping them off?