'On the positive side I got a lovely new girlfriend,' Hancock tells Covid inquiry

MATT Hancock has said he understands the ‘negative consequences’ of the pandemic but, on the plus side, he got to have sex with an attractive woman.

Can entertainment have enough right-wing voices? By Rosie Holt MP

I WRITE this with a mixture of mirth and trepidation. Mirth, as I have just read the hilarious yet informative new Daily Mail column about diet pills by Boris Johnson.

Newspaper columnist wakes from dream he was prime minister

A JOURNALIST turning out inflammatory columns for a downmarket rag has woken from a dream where he was briefly prime minister.

Where will your Tory MP be hiding from the Boris vote this evening?

YOUR MP, terrified of both an electorate that hates Boris Johnson and the newspapers that love him, will be hiding from a vote today. But where?

Tory lockdown party still going

FOOTAGE released from the Conservative lockdown 2020 Christmas party was taken from an ongoing livestream, the government has confirmed.

I have been victimised by my two worst enemies: Harriet Harman and facts

HARRIET Harman and objective truth have had it in for me for years, and now they have wickedly conspired to accuse me of things I definitely have done.

'He lied, lied about lying, lied about lying about lying, and is generally a twat'

THE privileges committee has published its report into Boris Johnson lying to the House, and believes it can see a pattern.

Fears that Sunak vs Johnson could escalate into diss tracks

AS the prime minister and the last-but-one prime minister trade barbs in public, concerns are growing that the spat could escalate into diss tracks.

'A Liverpool lass treated so horrid: hear ye the ballad of Nadine Dorries'

OH, gather ye children from their homes for a tale of woe that’ll leave you cold, a Liverpool lass treated so horrid: hear ye the ballad of Nadine Dorries.

No-one standing between Rees-Mogg and the bullies

JACOB Rees-Mogg has suddenly realised that everyone who used to protect him from the bullies has left Parliament.