What to do if your child identifies as Rishi Sunak

IT’S many parents’ worst nightmare - their child announcing they want to become Rishi Sunak. Here psychologist Donna Sheridan explains how to discuss it in a calm and supportive way.

Keir Starmer gives up on green pledge and life

LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer has announced he has given up on his £28 billion green investment pledge and also life.

The armed forces recruitment crisis: we haven't checked, but are they being paid f**k all?

BRITAIN’S armed forces are struggling to recruit which is probably because, though we freely admit we have not checked, the government is underpaying them?

We ask you: what does the return of Stormont mean for Northern Ireland?

NORTHERN Ireland’s power-sharing assembly is set to return to goverment after two years’ absence. What next for the region?

We ask you: who should replace Rishi Sunak as unelected prime minister?

SENIOR Tories have called for Rishi Sunak to be ousted before the election, when he is going anyway. But who should replace him?

When I say 'will of the people' I mean about 60 twats sitting behind me, explains Sunak

RISHI Sunak has clarified that when he stated yesterday that his Rwanda bill was ‘the will of the people’, he did not mean the actual people.

Rwanda rebellion is how Tories are in bed, partners confirm

THE way the Rwanda rebellion talked itself up as a massive deal then fizzled away into nothing is also how Conservative MPs make love, their partners have confirmed.

'Oo 'eck, honest Lee's only gone and done 'imself out of a job'

OH bloody Nora, now I’ve done it. I’ve stood by my principles and done meself out of a plum job as deputy Tory chairman. Mother’s going to go spare.

All amendments to Rwanda bill about Gary Lineker

ALL amendments tabled to the Rwanda bill by the hard-right of the Tory party are focused on Gary Lineker, their proponents have confirmed.

Shock new poll showing millions of dickheads still voting Tory

A NEW YouGov poll shows that not only will millions of idiots continue to vote Conservative at the next election, the party could win up to 169 seats.