Tories in revolt over idea of helping Britain

THE Conservative party is in mutiny at the prospect of action being taken against one of the chronic, long-term problems the country faces.

Fan can't wait for political season to kick off

AN excited fan of British politics cannot wait for the season to officially kick off next week.

Johnson breaking manifesto promise on principle

BORIS Johnson is breaking his manifesto promise not to raise taxes to prove his commitment to breaking promises, he has confirmed.

So I think we can all agree that went brilliantly, says Raab

DOMINIC Raab is ready to face praise from MPs today on how incredibly well Britain’s withdrawal from Afghanistan went.

The Remainer's guide to saying 'I told you so'

DID you vote remain in 2016? Then now’s the time to be tragically smug about your prophecies of doom coming true.

Michael Gove’s 3am Aberdeen nightclub guide to government

IT’S 3am, I’m off my face in an Aberdeen nightclub and I’m the chancellor of the Duchy of f**king Lancaster.

Six pitiable, pathetic Brexit benefits

THE latest great news about the post-Brexit sunlit uplands is that websites won’t ask for cookies anymore. What others are there? 

How you've totally ruined the brilliant war I started, by Tony Blair

BACK in 2001, I started a lovely little war, all about feminism and religious freedom and democracy. But Joe Biden’s ruined it and he should be ashamed of himself and I shouldn’t.

Brexit now a full-on religion

BREXIT now involves so much blind faith, devotion and wilful ignorance of earthly consequences that it qualifies as an actual religion, adherents have confirmed.

Why I was too busy to make one f**king phone call, by Dominic Raab

SHOULD I have made one quick phone call which might have helped translators evacuate Afghanistan? We’ll never know. But let me explain why I was too snowed under to do it.