Man laughing at old photos of himself unaware he's still a twat

A MAN has been laughing at old photos of himself, completely unaware he is still an utter twat.  

Woman discovers #metoo not for just general agreement

A WOMAN has discovered that the Twitter hashtag '#metoo' is not meant for just generally agreeing with things.

Man constantly barked at by dogs wonders if he is evil

A MAN who has been barked at by terrified dogs every time they see him for 15 years is wondering if he is actually the Antichrist.

How are people judging you because of your funny regional accent?

DOES that West Country twang make people think you’re as sexy as the Cadbury Caramel bunny, or a comedy bumpkin off The Two Ronnies? Find out with our guide.

Couple admit they want 'no kids' wedding because they'll f***ing ruin it

A COUPLE have decided to be brutally honest about not wanting a load of little bastards at their wedding.

Man comes out amazingly well from own anecdote once again

A 28-YEAR-OLD man has emerged as the wry, ballsy hero of his own story yet again.

Wetherspoon-McDonald's strike 'will vastly improve Britain'

A THREATENED joint Wetherspoon-McDonald's strike could make the UK a decent place to live, experts have warned.

Working-class people should be proud of their gnomes, says May

THE prime minister has said that working-class people should be proud of the amusing garden gnomes they choose to decorate their homes with.