Why my vile, abusive teenager shouldn't have been suspended from school because I don't want her at home either

YOU have suspended my daughter. You, who’s meant to be educating her for six hours a day but can’t cope with a bit of challenging behaviour. And now the vicious cow’s at home.

We ask you: will you follow the Vatican’s new rules on supernatural phenomena?

THE Vatican has cracked down on a rash of rogue miracles with new guidelines on supernatural phenomena. Will you be toeing the line?

Millions of Britons living on less money than they would ideally prefer

A RECORD number of UK families cannot afford to buy absolutely everything they want, it has emerged.

The French, the Belgians and other nations you're allowed to mock

TAKING the piss out of other countries is generally seen as xenophobic, but sometimes it’s fair enough. Like in these cases.

Fear that young people's mortgages will outlast their student loans

THE under-30s are entering into mortgage agreements so long they will have paid off their student loans before the end of them, estimates suggest.

Mansplaining man actually correct

ONLOOKERS are uncertain of how to respond after realising that a man mansplaining to a woman is in fact technically correct and entirely right to do so.

Nationalism silly when other countries do it

THINKING your country is inherently better than all the rest is hilarious when that country is not the UK, it has emerged.

'You’re shop-soiled goods by age 30': Your own mum or an online incel? Guess the quote

WERE these offensive nuggets of misogyny offered to you by an internet stranger who despises the idea of female empowerment, or your sweet old mum? Take the quiz.