'Rough round the edges' and other ways middle class people describe working class areas

UNSURE if you've accidentally stumbled into a working class area? If a middle class person describes it as any of these, the answer is yes.

Man forced to find new local shop after painful small talk incident

A MAN who endured agonising small talk with the cashier at his local shop has been forced to find a new place to buy essentials.

'Good to see you' and other lies told by passive-aggressive people

PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE people don’t have the balls to be out-and-out bastards. Here’s the bitter truth behind their most popular lies.

Learning Latin and other life skills you simply cannot get by without

THIS week the government announced plans to start Latin lessons in 40 state schools. But what other vital life skills does every Brit need?

Cup A Soup, and four other bleak as shit lunches

SOMETIMES you’ll look across at a colleague in work and see the dogshit lunch they’re having and you’ll be filled with pity. Here’s their awful food. 

Five sweeping statements about men that society has deemed to be A-okay

BEING a man has its perks, but they're also defined by broad generalisations that no one bats an eyelid at. Here are five blanket statements that blokes suffer on a daily basis:

Muthaf**ker and other insults that make no sense whatsoever

SWEARING is popular, but many insults simply do not stand up to rigorous intellectual appraisal. Here are some of the most illogical ones.

Not thanking a driver who's let you through, and other minor slights that should carry the death penalty

CAPITAL punishment can seem harsh, but the following non-criminal offences should undoubtedly lead to the death penalty without the need for a trial.

Five basic facts dads will never know about their kids

WORRIED about the huge responsibility of fatherhood? Chill out. It’s such a walk in the park that you don’t even need to learn these simple facts about your kids.

Twat with suspiciously happy memories of school yet to clock he was a bully

AN irredeemable bastard has yet to realise that the reason he has fond memories of school is because he bullied everyone else.