The best Christmas gifts if you have an emotionally distant relationship with your father

NEVER felt loved or supported by your own father? Your Christmas gift shouldn't reveal your true feelings, so here are some ideal for emotionally stunted dads.

Five times of the year more wonderful than Christmas

DESPITE the song’s claims, Christmas isn't the most wonderful time of the year. It barely scrapes into the top ten. These occasions are far more wonderful.

Middle-class man caught on horns of binmen tipping dilemma

A MIDDLE class man is torn between feeling he should tip his binmen and not actually wanting to go near them.

You don't talk to each other on buses either, Northerners told

PEOPLE from the north of England have been accused of hypocrisy by constantly going on about how unfriendly Southerners are on public transport.

Gen Zer forced to explain every word in sentence 'It's giving let the GOAT cook vibes'

A YOUNG person has been made to explain every single syllable of the latest indecipherable sentence they have spouted, it has emerged.

Paying for parking now involves three apps, retinal scan and pledge of eternal fealty

LEAVING your car in an ordinary car park now demands not only advanced digital literacy but also the recitation of an ancient oath.

Eyelashes on headlights, and other things that will add £200 to the garage's bill

WANT to pay an extra £200 for your car’s annual service? Simply make sure your car includes these accessories and you’ll be out of pocket in no time.

Five reasons to honk your car horn, all of which are that you're a prick

THERE are many important reasons to sound your car horn, even if you’re in a quiet residential area, and all of them are linked to being an arsehole. These are the top five.

Tiny village somehow supporting seven different hairdressers

A RURAL village is managing to run several hair salons despite having few residents and being located in the arse end of nowhere.

The Welsh town where every man, woman and child is on Viagra

DEEP in the Welsh valleys, far beyond civilisation’s call, is an unusual town. A town where the erections never droop. For here every man, woman and child is on Viagra.