Seven ways the over-30s will attempt to use 'rizz' and f**k it up this week

‘RIZZ’, meaning charisma or attractiveness, is the Oxford University Press word of the year. Which poses the risk of old people like you using it. Here’s how you’ll get it wrong. 

It's not shoplifting if it's a self-service checkout, woman claims

THEFT does not count as a crime if it involves a self-service checkout, a woman firmly believes.

How to understand today's youth with the Teen-English Dictionary

HAVING remained a mystery for centuries, a new dictionary has translated the various grunts and noises used by teenagers. Start understanding them with these entries.

Big gaudy jewel or cheap boring band: How not to say what you think about a friend's engagement ring

BEING forced to react to an engagement ring? Learn how to bury your honest opinion with this guide.

Snooze button lets man repeat worst part of the day

THE snooze button on a man's phone allows him to repeat the most torturous part of the day again and again, it has emerged.

Man who accidentally used girlfriend's shower gel horrified to find he smells nice

A MAN who unknowingly used his partner's mango and passion fruit shower gel is utterly disgusted at how delightful he smells.

Dads call for insulting birthday cards to be classed as hate speech

FATHERS have called for birthday cards that stereotype them as lazy, useless drunks to be classified as hate speech.

Things you do in your 40s your own parents would never have got away with

MANY activities you do now would have made you a social pariah in your parents’ day, especially in middle-age. So cherish your freedom to do these pretty mundane things.

Doncaster man labelled nepo baby after getting job in garage through dad's friend Kevin

A DONCASTER man who got a part-time job in a garage through his father’s friend Kevin has been labelled a ‘nepo baby’.

Mother assumes correctly spelled email from nursery is phishing attempt

A MUM has become highly suspicious after receiving a correctly spelled and grammatically accurate email from her child’s nursery.