A guide to Israel, Northern Ireland and Bennifer for young people for who all this is new

WHY are Israel, Northern Ireland, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in the news again, and why do older people sigh wearily when asked? Read our FAQs.

Victims of wokeness tell their harrowing stories

VICTIMS of ‘wokeness’ have bravely shared their accounts of the devastating effect it has had on their lives. WARNING: Contains disturbing material.

Anytime, anywhere: A man's guide to fearless interrupting

INTERRUPTING others mid-flow gets a bad rap but it can be necessary if a woman is talking. Here’s how to get your point across at the cost of theirs.

Six twats you definitely haven't missed hugging

WHAT a blissful year it’s been, not having to hug your parents’ creepy friend Roy who seems to turn up whenever you visit? And who else?

Britain prepares for the return of awkward, forced intimacy

THE government has confirmed that awkward English hugs neither party is comfortable with are permitted from next week.

Dreadful dickhead hassling you to 'get a date in the diary'

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Second-born children absolute nutjobs

THE second-born child of any family is completely and utterly mental, exhausted parents have confirmed.

Five excruciatingly embarrassing ways to be a cool parent

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Man's DIY to-do list wins award for best fantasy novel

A LIST of DIY jobs written by a Wrexham man has won the Hugo award for Best Fantasy Novel.

How to celebrate St George's Day if you absolutely must

DETERMINED to celebrate St George’s Day even though you can’t explain why or what it all means? Here’s how to honour our Greek or maybe Palestinian national saint.