How you've totally ruined the brilliant war I started, by Tony Blair

BACK in 2001, I started a lovely little war, all about feminism and religious freedom and democracy. But Joe Biden’s ruined it and he should be ashamed of himself and I shouldn’t.

Brexit now a full-on religion

BREXIT now involves so much blind faith, devotion and wilful ignorance of earthly consequences that it qualifies as an actual religion, adherents have confirmed.

Why I was too busy to make one f**king phone call, by Dominic Raab

SHOULD I have made one quick phone call which might have helped translators evacuate Afghanistan? We’ll never know. But let me explain why I was too snowed under to do it.

Six things that drive you up the f**king wall about Question Time these days

THE BBC’s flagship political panel show was once a civilised platform on which heavyweight politicians could debate. This is what it’s like now:

I'd have fought the Taliban with my bare hands, says silly-haired backbench Tory MP

A BACKBENCH Tory MP has excoriated the Afghan people for not starting a fist fight with the Taliban as he would have done in their position.

Five accurate 'Remoaner' predictions that Brexiters chose to ignore

SURPRISED by the problems of leaving the EU? You probably chose to ignore the issues foreseen by people you hilariously called 'Remoaners'.

The sun setting last night, and five other things Dominic Raab didn't see coming

THE Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan surprised nobody, with the exception of perpetually astonished foreign secretary Dominic Raab. Here’s what else he didn’t expect.

Why I was right to support this terrible tragedy, by every MP

THE situation in Kabul is heartbreaking. But when I wholeheartedly supported the invasion in 2001, you have to admit it was pretty bloody exciting and badass.

The Brexiter's guide to why it's definitely not Brexit's fault

LORRY queues and empty supermarket shelves are happening as predicted, but they’re definitely nothing to do with Brexit. Leave voter Norman Steele explains.

Nigel Farage's re-telling of the Parable of the Good Samaritan

I'M Nigel Farage, spokesman for the real people of this once Christian country. Here is my truly British re-telling of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.