If you're thinking of getting rid of me, two words - Liz Truss

I’M not a complete chump, I know what you people think of me. That I’m a corrupt, incompetent arse only interested in yours truly, rather than the country I’ve bafflingly been elected to govern. 

Biggest Tory majority since Thatcher wanked away by dickhead

THE biggest Conservative majority in three decades has been wanked away to nothing by a complete dickhead of a leader.

Man furious about vaccine passports fine about scrapping Human Rights Act

A MAN up in arms about having to prove he is vaccinated is totally cool about Dominic Raab’s scrapping the Human Rights Act.

Two years into the Johnson administration: how it's going even f**king worse than you thought it would

TWO years ago, Boris Johnson was elected with an 80-seat majority. You thought it would go badly but not this f**king badly. Here’s a timeline.

Your uncle who wants something done about litter, and four other key voters Keir Starmer must win over

TO win an election, Labour leader Keir Starmer must get the support of these key demographics.

Could you survive five minutes in Boris Johnson's f**king nightmare life?

BESET by scandals, with a one-year-old and a newborn and no f**king money; Boris Johnson’s life is a self-made nightmare. Could you survive it? Play our interactive game.

Shhh, you can't criticise the government or you'll wake the baby

THE public and media have been ordered to cease all criticism of the government immediately or they will wake the tiny lovely baby. 

'They work hard and deserve a knees-up': The diehard Tory's guide to defending them

WANT to defend the government even though it’s obvious they’re a bunch of lying shysters? Mindlessly loyal Tory voter Roy Hobbs explains how:

Is there a party going on in your house without your knowledge while you're home right now?

AS Boris Johnson has shown, you never know when a party could strike. There could be one happening in your house right now. Is there?

In hindsight Gavin Williamson should never have happened, says Department for Education

THE Department for Education has admitted that with the benefit of hindsight Gavin Williamson should have been avoided.