Five necessary precautions to take before making a sex tape

THINKING of filming an act of intimate and incriminating love with a partner? Take these precautions before saying ‘action’.

Sexting actually very stressful

SENDING sexually explicit messages to arouse a partner is actually confusing, stressful and easily ruined by autocorrect, lovers have confirmed.

Only shared interest that matters is shagging, couples confirm

THE only thing couples need to have in common is the desire to have sex with one another, it has been confirmed.

Man whose wife playfully squeezed his belly makes mistake of reciprocating

AFTER his increasingly wobbly waistline was genially pinched by his partner, a man has made the fatal error of doing the same back to her.

Five ill-advised phrases that will turn your partner's bad mood f**king incendiary

IS your partner a bit grumpy today? Then you'd better steer clear of these well-meant and innocent responses which will send them right over the edge.

Virgin comics fan prefers to keep penis in mint condition

A NERD who has never had sex says being a virgin is a deliberate choice to keep his genitals in perfect, re-sellable condition.

Child-free couple have never felt so smug about their life choices

A CHILD-FREE have had their life choices resoundingly validated after five days with their relatives’ children.

It’s been a pretty good year for me sexually, says married man who's had three shags in 2023

A MARRIED man who has enjoyed no fewer than three sexual encounters in 2023 has declared it to be a landmark year for him sexually.

Christmas sex act vouchers destined to expire unused in drawer

A BOOK of vouchers for sex acts a man received from his girlfriend for Christmas are destined to expire unused in a bedside drawer. 

'I was watching that, wanker': Childish arguments to have with your adult sibling this Christmas 

JUST because you’re both in your 30s doesn’t mean your brother or sister has ceased to be a twat, or that you should not come to blows about the following trivialities.