Grandparents delicately ask newlywed granddaughter if she is riding him bareback

AN elderly couple have asked their granddaughter whether she and her husband are f**king bareback in order to produce great-grandchildren. 

'Complicated' bloke might just be a dick

A MAN known for being mysterious, difficult to read and often morose might just be a massive bellend, it has emerged.

Women only watching porn for home design ideas

WOMEN have confirmed that the most stimulating part of pornography for them is the interior design details. 

'Something's happened': Six ways your parents will give you a heart attack when they ring

NO ONE has the gift of burying the lede quite like your parents when they ring you out of the blue. Here’s how they like to create unnecessary drama.  

Dumped man somehow thinks he's getting mixed messages

A MAN who has been explicitly told he is dumped is still managing to read mixed messages into the situation, it has emerged.

Man thought ex had more class than to date a conventionally attractive nice guy

A MAN is disgusted that his former girlfriend has quickly shacked up with a man who is handsome, intelligent and kind. 

Man empowers women by splitting the bill

A MAN is fighting for female equality by always insisting on splitting the bill at the end of dates.

Woman fakes entire relationship

A WOMAN has admitted that she faked the previous five years of an apparently satisfying relationship, it has emerged.

Ways to break up with someone, ranked by how ashamed you should be of yourself

THERE are mature, sensible ways to break up with someone that allow you to both to retain your dignity. But you just know you’ll go with one of these instead.

'Have you tried shaking it?' 12 phrases that really won't help with your erectile dysfunction

STRUGGLING to maintain an erection? These well-meant but ill-chosen lines will not help.