Could you survive a year going out with Carrie Johnson?

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Childhood sweethearts bitterly regret not sleeping around more

A COUPLE who met when they were 16 and have been married for 35 years say they both hugely regret not f**king more people.

People who say they're happier single lying

PEOPLE who say they feel happier without a relationship are lying to themselves and others, it has been confirmed.

What women want in bed, according to a man who's never bothered to ask

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Man still blaming his dry spell on Covid

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Couple celebrate 10 years of unequally distributed love

A COUPLE are celebrating a magical decade of him having far more affection for her than she does for him, and her being substantially out of his league.

10 easy-to-miss signs you might be hanging out with a sex trafficker

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Making a mix-tape: the ways you came on too strong on teenage first dates

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Couple have baby to see if they're ready for a dog

A COUPLE have decided to try out life with a baby to see if they can handle the commitment of owning a dog.

Treacherous woman gets pregnant without telling friend first

A WOMAN is livid that her friend got pregnant without first checking with her that it was acceptable.