Britons wondering how you go about starting a coup


    THE UK is wondering just how one would forcibly remove an unpopular leader with no democratic mandate hell-bent on ruining the country.

    The recent military coup in Zimbabwe has set Britons musing on what it would take to bring such a thing about and if there is anything they are able to do to help it along.

    Tom Logan of Ludlow said: “My brother-in-law’s in the army. I could ask him.

    “I mean I’d always thought of coups as bad, but you reach a point when seeing a soldier presenting the Ten O’Clock News would come as something of a relief. At least they’re adults.

    “Surely if Burkina Faso can manage eight coups since 1980, we could pull off a little one, or even just a putsch. I’d prefer bloodless, though obviously you have to be flexible.

    “We just need a military strongman, a load of tanks in the streets, and some light shelling of a palace and we’re away.

    “I’m happy with anyone in a vintage army jacket festooned with medals being in charge. Can’t be worse.”