Mash TV

Soft-core erotic thrillers seized from mildly sleazy man

Films confiscated include a copy of the Dan Akroyd movie Trading Places rewound to the bit where Jamie Lee Curtis is topless.

Pretty Woman fans rush into prostitution

FANS of the film Pretty Woman see whoring as a surefire route to hat shopping with Richard Gere, it has been claimed.

World's first prank face transplant a 'partial success'

Drunk groom's face replaced with that of South American farm labourer after he passed out on stag do.

Toilet voted best place to cry at work

JUDGES at the annual crying awards said cubicles were the perfect place for moments of lone despair.

Porn stars recruited to make A-level revision sexy

STARS of Cougar Prowl 9 and Dungeons and Dongs are to give advice on everything from quadratic equations to the early evolution of tetrapods.

Scottish bakers create country's first croissant

SCOTTISH bakers are claiming to have created their country's first croissant.

Toyota creates world's first emotionally needy car

TOYOTA'S new S900 has serious abandonment issues and if left alone for more than 90 minutes will crash itself in a bid for attention.