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Threat of nuclear war 'pleasantly nostalgic'

THE possibility of nuclear conflict in the Middle East has evoked warm fuzzy memories among those who were kids during the Cold War.

As Israel threatened to destroy Iran with atomic sky-fire – probably triggering a war that would reduce Earth to a lifeless, blackened space-rock – millions of Britons wistfully recalled the golden years of global nuclear paranoia.

Father-of-two Tom Logan said: “I hadn’t even considered nuclear war as a possibility since about 1981, when it was Russia that was going to melt everyone.

“I remember that was the year my mum took me to see the original Clash of the Titans, which was the first film I ever watched with breasts in it. We had a Wimpy on the way home.

“Those were the days when people didn’t lock their houses as they went out.

“Hopefully the prospect of nuclear death will stay on the daily news agenda. It’s a nice, cosy old-school feeling to know that you could be obliterated at any moment.”

Stylist Nikki Hollis said: “The threat of nuclear war is funky and retro, like Ercol coffee tables and Big Trak.

“Even if the war actually happened it wouldn’t be too bad. There’d be loads of hot ragged guys around, looking like Viggo Mortensen in The Road.”

She added: “Personally I think the reason Iran has been so offish with weapons inspectors is that they’re embarrassed because their low-budget warheads look a bit Blue Peter.”