Local radio cuts could leave gnome stories unreported

BBC admits there will be less scrutiny of gnome owners and organisers of steam fairs.


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Your problems solved, with Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
My wife is having it off with the chap who lives at no 65. I wouldn’t mind so much, as it keeps her off my back of an evening. However, people at the Post Office are starting to talk, plus she’s lent him my strimmer and I need it back. Should I call time on her little dalliance, or fuck the lawn and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts?
Bridge of Weir

Dear Steve,
You sound a lot like that fellow Joseph from the nativity. He knew naughty Mary was having an affair with God but didn’t say anything at all, even when God’s best pal, the angel Gabriel, was off spreading rumours to all the shepherds about how God and Mary were doing it behind Joseph’s back. Joseph must have felt like a prize idiot. If I were him I’d have been like, “why don’t you let me ride on the camel for a bit you lazy cheating cow?”. We asked our teacher why Joseph didn’t just dump Mary and she said it was the ‘Immaculate Conception’. I think that’s because God didn’t use one of those rubber jonnys like we found in the playground once. If I were you I’d stop being such a pushover and tell Mary she can find her own hotel room.
Hope that helps!