Shop assistant asking if you ‘need any help’ definitely thinks you’re going to nick something

SHOP assistants asking if you ‘need any help’ definitely suspect you of shoplifting, it has been revealed.

Nikki Hollis was recently offered ‘help’ while browsing a high-end boutique. She said: “I was buying a birthday present for my sister when the assistant approached me. I was really surprised because I was just in jeans and trainers and I would have thought they’d be more attentive to posher-looking customers.

“There was a really fancy woman looking at skirts, but they ignored her while being incredibly attentive to me. I must have misjudged the staff as snobbish types who would look down on ordinary people.

“It was great timing because I actually had no idea what I could get my sister for under £50.”

Shop assistant Emma Bradford said: “I ended up helping her find an inexpensive Swarovski necklace. It just meant I could keep a proper eye on her until she left the shop.”