Far-right distancing itself from Morrissey

EXTREME right-wing groups have sought to distance themselves from the increasingly unhinged former lead singer of The Smiths.

After Morrissey gave his support to EDL founder Tommy Robinson, fascists said they would prefer not to be associated with a massive musical ponce desperately clinging to some sort of relevance.

EDL member Roy Hobbs said: “While I’m still pretty sure Britain’s under dire threat from Muslims and all that sort of thing, I cannot endorse anything said by that twat Morrissey.

“Does he really mean half this shit? Is he a proper, honest-to-goodness racist like me or is he just a pathetic attention seeker who wants to be some sort of indie Katie Hopkins?

“Please, Morrissey, if you actually share our beliefs then shut the fuck up and stop damaging the image of violent, far-right, crypto-Nazis.

“Also he should start writing decent tunes again. Ones like How Soon is Now? which have a good tune but also a serious message about loneliness and social alienation.”

A spokesman for Morrissey denied his craving for attention had caused him to lose the plot, and offered a preview copy of his new album Hitler Had Some Good Ideas.