Queen paid less than Prince Philip

THE Queen earns 40 per cent less than Prince Philip despite being the British monarchy’s major draw, it has emerged. 

A Palace insider said: “Not only did she start on less than a quarter of George VI’s money, she didn’t even get a cut of the TV royalties for the coronation despite the ratings. 

“Philip apparently negotiated a better fee than her when he joined in the 40s and had a legacy clause that meant he was always paid more, though he told her their salaries were equal. 

“Even Andrew got more than her in the 80s when he was big in the tabloids, and he’s privately admitted he only married Fergie because the US networks made them a seven-figure offer, of which he got 75 per cent. 

“It’s an outrage that even though she’s in her 90s she has to keep working because she hasn’t been able to make enough to retire, while Philip’s at home watching the racing without a care in the world.”