Ritz Hotel Was Hoovered The Night Diana Died

THE Ritz Hotel in Paris was being hoovered less than an hour before Princess Diana died, according to dramatic video footage.

An Electrolux 2250A is clearly visible, but what has happened to the Algerian woman?

Security cameras at the luxury hotel recorded a 51 year-old Algerian woman running a hoover over the first floor landing as the Princess and Dodi Al Fayed were about to embark on their fateful car journey.

The hoovering footage, shown to the Diana inquest jury in London, will fuel speculation that there was a conspiracy to murder the Princess and raise important new questions about why the Ritz management was so deeply concerned about the state of the first floor carpets.

Bill McKay, a security analyst, said: "If you look closely you can clearly see a back and forth sweeping motion.

"I think that's an Electrolux, and if it is then that's the clearest evidence so far of a conspiracy.

"Configured correctly an upright Electrolux emits a low, almost inaudible vibration which will explode the brakes of any Mercedes S-Class parked within a five hundred yard radius."

The historic images also show paparazzi waiting outside the Ritz, Diana and Dodi enjoying some of the hotel's most luxurious lifts and a trio of MI6 agents pinning chauffeur Henri Paul to the ground and pumping him full of brandy and paracetamol.

Later footage shows Sir Patrick Dempsey, the deputy head of MI6, performing a comedy tapdance in the lobby in a bid to distract guests while a six-foot long Car Crash Causing Machine is smuggled out the front door under a blanket.