Man always knew exploding phone would be the way he’d go

THE unrepentant owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has said he has lived by the phone and so is not afraid to die by it. 

Nathan Muir, who favours the Note range because they are much larger and therefore better than other smartphones, is ignoring advice to turn it off because that would be like death anyway.

He said: “I’m on my phone in the car, in the office, on the train, in bed, in the fucking shower mate. If it goes so do I.

“I always knew the mobile would kill me one day, but I thought it would be something more lingering. An exploding head more than I could have hoped for.

“I love this phone more than I ever loved my ex-wife. I won’t abandon it. Like that Smiths song, ‘to die by your side what a heavenly way to die’.”

Muir added: “Switch to iPhone? You taking the piss? Battery life’s a joke.”