Man appreciates women’s buttocks on a feminist level

31-YEAR-OLD Tom Logan has discovered he enjoys women’s buttocks from a feminist perspective.

Logan described how Lily Allen videos and burlesque dancers had informed his enlightened appreciation of the female form, most especially the arse part.

He said: “Whether framed by a tiny sequined g-string or jiggled in a parodic hip hop context, exposed buttock flesh is a powerful tool of female emancipation.

“I am definitely more receptive to subversive anti-patriarchal statements when I’ve got a boner.”

He added: “It’s all about semantics and stuff like that. Ladies, I am a mass of fascinating paradoxes.”

Media analyst Emma Bradford said: “Burlesque is Spearmint Rhino for people in second-hand suits and pop videos exist to sell pop music.

“I recommend reading books.”