‘Russians hacked my course work,’ claims A-Level student

AN A-level student has claimed his coursework has been hacked by Russians and turned into a paltry mess of ill thought out ideas.

Tom Logan handed in the remains of his work after a ‘Kremlin agent’ turned it into the incoherent ramblings of a person who may or may not have been high on skunk since last September.

Logan said: “Putin is undermining the self-esteem of a hard working British student like me. It’s very devious.

“But after what’s he’s done to my English essays I just haven’t got the confidence to fight a war against him.

“I’m not just stirring up cold war style Russian paranoia so we’re all geared up for World War III. Swear down, he’s totally deleted my Geography essay on oxbow lakes.”

Logan added: “Unfortunately my GCSEs were hacked too and I was given obviously fake results.

“Who knows what I would have got, but I’m cool if you want to round me down to three Bs.”