Teen couple at Nando's tip 40p

A TEENAGE couple on a date at Nando’s have decided the correct amount to tip their waitress for their meal is 40p.

Josh Gardner and Sophie Rodriguez, both aged 17, had each eaten a single combo meal and had spoken to the waitress very little, so hazarded she had not had to do much work.

Rodriguez said: “We just had those and a drink. Also we haven’t got much money.

“A tip has to be cash, doesn’t it? And I pay everything on my iPhone and he only had £1.85 and he might need that, and we’ve only been here an hour and didn’t go on the wifi.

“I’d say she’s spoken to us four times? Like if we’d ordered cocktails and complicated stuff and ice-creams with sparklers in, we’d definitely pay more.

“But you can’t not leave a tip, it’s not like Maccy D’s. If we walked away leaving a bare table we wouldn’t be sophisticated, adult diners in a proper relationship. Which we are because we didn’t have pudding and went to see that very long DiCaprio film after.”

Gardner agreed: “40p’s alright. You can get a lolly and temporary tattoos for that.”

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'If only my powers were not so frustratingly vague,' says psychic

A PSYCHIC has bemoaned her lack of accuracy when connecting believers with the spirits of their loved ones.

Mary Fisher, 55, who has been providing spiritual solace under the pseudonym Gabriella Angel for ten years, has confirmed she would like the spirits to provide her with more specific information so she does not look like a huge fraud.

Fisher said: “I’m blessed with this amazing gift and honoured that the spirits picked me as their clairvoyant conduit between the realms, but the sods haven’t made it easy.

“It would be nice not to spend a whole session calling out random names and numbers in an attempt to create a tenuous connection that some recently bereaved person will pounce on out of sheer desperation.

“Just once, I’d dearly love to gaze into a widow’s eyes and say: ‘Rosemary, I’ve got Keith with me, he’s happy, but he’s saying the brake pads on the Qashqai need replacing, and there’s only two days left on the electric blanket warranty.’ Just once. But the spirits don’t seem keen to oblige.

“I mean, my continued lack of success is almost enough to make you think it’s a load of old nonsense, isn’t it?”