Piers Morgan: If we were truly a liberal country, we'd have more tolerance for a complete twat like me

IF IT’S true that you can judge a society by how it treats its elderly, then it’s equally true that you can judge a liberal country by how it treats its total arseholes.

Stephen King: I had no idea I'd written a sequel to The Shining

Critics are saying it sounds like a sequel to The Shining, and my response is: the what?

Putin's guide to selfies

Most are making their selves look like homeless simpleton or sick prostitute.

J Lo's international festival guide

You might not have heard of The People's Round Up Festival in Burma.

Michael Douglas's riskiest sex acts

If there's one lesson I've learned from my many years at the wheel, it's that sex acts are a great way to meet people.

Stephen Hawking: Why I refused to DJ in Tel Aviv

I must admit being flattered when I was asked to spin in Tel Aviv last weekend.

Mrs Phillips in room seven

Oh my, would you look at this. BBC2, nine o’clock, ‘The Fisters’.

Chris Huhne's top movies for a prison night in

I'd close my eyes and I was in my Mig 28, with bogeys on my tail.

Google's vision of the future

Chillax guys, we’re going to be super cool with the incredible power we’ll wield over the entire world.

Justin Bieber's top 5 Euro-babes

Joan of Arc liked to dress up in dude's clothes to cover her super sexy curves.

Michael Knight's search for freedom

That song challenged my artistic process like nothing else before or since.

Richard and Judy's space-relationship tips

ADVICE for the middle-aged couple undertaking a manned mission to Mars, with Richard and Judy.