Corbyn under pressure to remove head from arse

JEREMY Corbyn is under increasing pressure to remove his head from his rectum and do something about Brexit.

Campaigners for a second referendum fear the Labour leader may not be fully aware of the risks facing the UK from within the enclosed space of his own anal cavity.

Remainer Donna Sheridan said: “You can’t follow complex issues like the Irish border and leaving the customs union with your head inside your anus.

“Sure, your own arse is a safe, comforting place to be, but how are you meant to judge the public mood? Unless he’s got a TV up there too, which would be incredibly painful.”

However Momentum member Tom Logan said: “Jeremy’s insertion of his head into his own bunghole just shows how incredibly self-sacrificing and principled he is. He’s a man of his own anus.”

With Brexit rapidly approaching, some Labour party members now want a vote on forcibly removing Corbyn’s head with a shoe horn and some Vaseline.