Five ways to say ‘I told you so’ while being a passive-aggressive dick about it

NOBODY likes to hear ‘I told you so’, but everyone loves finding a way to say it. Here’s five particularly dickish ways to say ‘I told you so’ without using the actual words:

‘I thought this might happen’
The perfect way to let everyone know that you saw a disaster coming, could have averted it, didn’t and now expect recognition of your prescient wisdom.

‘I’m not going to say it’
Conveys that you are thinking the words ‘I told you so’ and even putting them in others’ minds, but just stops short of actually saying it. Which is even worse.

‘It’s a lesson for next time’
And that lesson is ‘Next time listen to me, you useless twat. I’m not eye-rolling for nothing over here’.

‘If only someone had said something’
Somebody did say something. You did. But this way you get to look gracious enough not to take credit while still patting yourself on the back.

Heavy sigh
Pure judgement – no words needed. The message will be clearly received and if it’s not, you’ve always got more sighs in the sigh-bank. Try teaming it with a long, ruminative shake of the head, like an absolute dick.