Frantic dad runs out into traffic to warn people about the M5

A DESPERATE middle-aged man is stopping traffic and banging on bonnets to warn innocent motorists about the traffic that awaits them on the M5.

Roy Hobbs is frantically trying to warn as many people as he can about long delays between junction two and junction 19 but fears he may already be too late.

He said: “Please! Please! Just roll down the windows and listen to me! I’m not crazy! I’ve been listening to BBC Gloucester on the internet!

“It’s bloody solid down there, and the A-roads are even worse. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Forget reaching Cheltenham. It’s gone.

“I don’t care what Google Maps says. Anyone driving southbound won’t be seen again. Please, if not for yourselves then for your families, your children.

“No! The black Renault’s already left! He’s becoming part of the jam! He’s one of them!”