Dads approve Corbyn’s functional beige clothing

MIDDLE-AGED men have expressed approval for Jeremy Corbyn’s practical, biscuit-coloured attire.

51-year-old Roy Hobbs said: “I’m sick of politicians who look like they care about clothes. Those people give my wife ideas about making me go to Gap, or whatever it’s called, to buy a ‘modern’ shirt.

“Like me, Corbyn orders his clothes via newspaper adverts that use words like ‘comfortable’ and ‘machine washable’. Because what else do you need from a garment?

“It’s not like I’m still interested in sex.”

Short-tempered 53-year-old Wayne Hayes said: “I’ve no idea of his politics but Corbyn’s not afraid to wear beige on beige and I like that.

“That’s statement dressing, and the statement is ‘I’ve got a shed, a bad knee and I like telly programmes about bridges’.”