Man who voted Brexit ‘just to stir things up’ more than happy

A MAN who voted Leave ‘just to shake things up a bit’ has proclaimed himself delighted with events so far. 

Nathan Muir of Reading, who cast his 2016 vote to get rid of ‘politics as usual’, confirmed that the results are everything he hoped for with more to come. 

He continued: “Remember 2015? When we had a choice between one clueless overprivileged twat and a marginally different one with much the same policies? Those days are gone. 

“Labour’s got a lunatic love guru who’ll be shredded if he loses an election, the Tories are fighting like a sackful of starving weasels, every cherished tradition is being stamped on and nobody knows what the fuck will happen next. 

“The comfort zone is a distant memory. Yes, we’re closer to a military dictatorship than we’ve ever been, but feel the thrill of it. This is what it must’ve been like for Russians in 1917. 

“With my one little vote, I’ve bought us a new politics of mad panic, desperate alliances, shifting sands and the only certainty is there are no certainties left. 

He added: “I’m getting a bit bored of it now though.”