Vote for vote may trigger votes then vote followed by other vote

TONIGHT’S confidence vote may trigger a leadership vote in the Commons followed by a vote of Conservative members then a referendum, say experts. 

If this evening’s vote goes against Theresa May then a leadership contest will see MPs take part in multiple rounds of voting before party members vote. The public may then vote in either a general election or a referendum, all of which is great news for fans of voting. 

Parliamentary correspondent Mary Fisher said: “It’s vote-tastic over here. It’s vote Christmas. It’s raining votes. Democracy is back in a major bullshit way. 

“Ironically all this began when Theresa May, who doesn’t like voting because other people get it wrong, cancelled a vote. Whooo-eee. Did that backfire. 

“It may be that tonight’s vote is the only one, because if May wins by a single vote she’ll claim it as an overwhelming majority to pursue whatever extreme Brexit totalitarian state she wants. 

“But if not, then the voting could never stop. We could have a leadership vote then a general election then a referendum. That’s not even unlikely. 

“In just eight years voting’s brought us Cameron, austerity, Brexit, Corbyn, May and the DUP. What could possibly go wrong?”