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Man waxing nostalgic about good old DVDs until he tries to watch one of the bastards

A MAN raving about the upsides of DVDs has been swiftly undone by the many headaches of actually trying to watch one, it has emerged.

Tom Booker’s misguided enthusiasm for the old media format immediately began to dwindle as he struggled to insert one into his DVD player only for it to be spat back out several times.

He said: “Ignore that. It’s all part of the charm. Like this hiss and crackle you get on vinyl, which I also stubbornly persist with.

“Just wait until you see this baby in action, you’ll see that it’s way better than streaming. Fair play, these unskippable trailers mean you’ll be waiting ages, but it’s worth it to witness a glorious standard definition viewing experience.

“Christ, I forgot the menus were an absolute nightmare to navigate. And that all the extra features were shit. What kind of freak wastes their time looking at a photo gallery of the cast or hunting down underwhelming Easter eggs?

“At least the case looks nice on my shelf. Although it does take up room I don’t have to spare. But I’ll be dead and buried before forking out again to watch The Mummy Returns.”

Booker’s girlfriend Donna Sherridan said: “The best thing about DVDs is that you can trade them in at CEX. Cashing in five dozen of the f**kers can buy one whole month of Disney+ Basic.”