Leicester City reinforces suspension on bandwagon

LEICESTER City FC has carried out emergency works on its bandwagon following an unprecedented number of passengers.

The hitherto unremarkable football team has experienced severe bandwagon overcrowding in recent weeks, hence the need for reinforced suspension and extra-sturdy tyres.

A spokesman said: “Until recently this bandwagon was half empty on a busy week, but now you can’t even get standing room.

“Some of these passengers are still wearing Manchester United shirts.

“I know everyone loves a winner but at least let us put some decent shock absorbers on this thing before you all jump around singing ‘Glory Glory Leicester United.”

Bandwagon rider Tom Booker said: “City is it? Sorry, old habits die hard, just like John Vardy’s scoring streak.”

Leicester City will bolster its bandwagon with parts from the now defunct Jeremy Corbyn bandwagon, which has been replaced by a wheelbarrow.