Panini launches 2015 FIFA Corruption Scandal sticker album

PANINI has launched the 2015 FIFA Corruption Scandal Official Sticker Collection. 

The album allows fans to collect every member of the FBI, IRS, Interpol and Swiss teams investigating FIFA along with two-part stickers showing FIFA executives in happier times and in jail. 

A Panini spokesman said: “What schoolboy doesn’t want to swap a sticker of Diego Rodriguez, the FBI’s New York field director, for former Costa Rican Football Federation president Eduardo Li? 

“There’s a whole double-page spread of the decline of Sepp Blatter, with embossed hologram stickers for key moments like announcing Qatar had won and delivering his resignation speech. 

But 11-year-old Nathan Muir said: “Once you’ve got the high-profile guys, it’s just 200 stickers of anonymous men in suits exchanging suitcases of money in five-star hotels.

“Some of them are older than anyone I have ever met.”

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Couple with baby really overdoing talk of how great it is

A COUPLE with a new baby are trying too hard to convince their friends and themselves of how awesome it is.

Mary Fisher and Tom Logan have been evangelical in their descriptions of parenthood since having their son Richard, despite seeming physically and mentally depleted.

Fisher said: “It really gives your life meaning. It’s a special and unique kind of love, that changes you from a selfish person to a giving person.

“We are in heaven.

“I even love being puked on, and cleaning up puke, and having to be constantly responsible for someone with no knowledge or understanding of danger, and whose only means of communication is making a loud noise.

“And the insomnia-induced delirium, I love that. It’s amazing.”

Logan said: “Before having our baby were just doing superficial stuff like going out with friends, pursuing hobbies and sleeping for more than two hours a night.

“The thing I don’t miss the most from our old life is the sex.”